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Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in the Chapel Hill, NC Area

Cabinet refinishing is now a popular way for homeowners to give a fresh look to their kitchens. It used to be that cabinets would be installed and the homeowner would live with them for as long as they had the house. That is no longer the case!

At My Favorite Painters, our team has worked with clients in Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and surrounding areas, helping them make their dreams for a new kitchen come true. One of the most effective ways to revive your kitchen is refinishing your cabinets. Along with changing your counter tops, kitchen cabinet refinishing enables your space to transform with fresh trends in paints and a variety of other finishes. We specialize in renovations and remodeling, and use only the highest quality products to turn your dream home into a reality quickly and efficiently.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing has many benefits over a complete cabinet remodel. Refinishing, rather than remodeling, saves thousands of dollars and lots of time as well. In addition, for those looking to enhance the resale value of their homes, kitchen remodels can return up to seventy percent of your investment at resale - one of better returns on investment you'll see across any type of home improvement - and kitchen cabinet refinishing is one of the key components of this high-impact change.

However, it is very important that the proper care, preparation and planning is done before undertaking a cabinet refinishing project. Much attention needs to be given to the materials the cabinets are made from and the proper products that can be used to refinish them. There are also many steps to the process, if you want to be sure the cabinets come out looking great and the finish will last a long time. Unfortunately, we've had to rescue homeowners from DIY cabinet refinishing projects that they started only to find out the project was much too big for them to accomplish.

When you call on the experts at My Favorite Painters to refinish your cabinets, we'll start by asking you exactly what you'd like us to do. Then we'll evaluate your cabinets to determine what finishes are going to give you the best results. We'll share our evaluation with you and let you know if we think there could be any challenges.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in service, performance, and cost-effectiveness at My Favorite Painters. When you hire us for your kitchen cabinet refinishing project, you'll know that we are committed to your satisfaction, from preparation to cleanup.


  • Protect floors with builders paper and mask counter tops and non- paintable surfaces.
  • Isolate kitchen from the rest of the house with plastic barrier (only if boxes are sprayed).
  • Mask and protect counter tops.
  • Protect ceilings and walls if not scheduled to be painted (only if boxes are sprayed).
  • Remove doors, drawers and hardware.
  • Take doors to a separate location to be sprayed.
  • Sand cabinets surface to allow proper bonding with a 180-220 grit sandpaper.
  • Remove all dust from surfaces.

  • Spray paint two coats of high quality primer to boxes and cabinet fronts.
  • Apply two coats of urethane hybrid finish coat to cabinet boxes and fronts.

  • Re-install cabinet doors, hardware and bumpers.
  • Remove plastic, paper and tape.
  • Clean up.

Once we've agreed on a plan, we'll get to work. The process of cabinet refinishing can take multiple days, so we'll be sure to let you know how long we anticipate the job to take and work with you on scheduling. We will work as quickly as we can, but our main focus will be on providing you the quality you are looking for. When the people in the Chapel Hill area want quality work from professionals they can trust, they come to us first.

If you live in Orange, Durham, and surrounding counties and want a fresh new look for your kitchen, you can avoid a full remodel, save money, and get a great return on your investment by calling My Favorite Painters. We'll come out for a free estimate, and we pride ourselves on excellent turnaround times and competitive pricing. Our goal is to deliver great work at a great value for every homeowner. Call us today to set up a consultation at 919-520-9995 or request a free estimate.

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